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If you referred to your company as a human body, your employees would represent the backbone that keeps your company upright and moving forward. As the backbone of your company, you need to find the right software to push employee management to the next level.

In an era when advanced technology solutions cure whatever ails your company, the solution for employee management is not as cut and dry. In fact, employee management software made a late entrance into the business software ring.

Employee management software not only makes your life easier; it also will boost the performance of your company. The question is not whether you should invest in an employee management software program, but what features you need to include for improving the performance of your company.

Employee Development Tools

Since your employees are the backbone of your restaurant, what represents the bones that keep the backbone strong and highly effective?

It is called your employee development program.

No longer is employee training a strictly hands on program. Software that educates new employees or employees that want to move up at your restaurant about a position goes long way towards ensuring your team is properly developed.

For example, let’s say you have a new fry cook on board. Instead of figuratively throwing the new fry cook into the fire, you can present an overview of the new job by using software that describes everything the new fry cook needs to know about the all-important kitchen station.

Monitor Employee Performance

Although repeat business is the best indicator of the performance of your team, the most effective way to ensure your employees are delivering the best food and the best service is by monitoring several restaurant operation metrics.

Here are a few examples of employee performance data that you should monitor electronically:

  • Server check averages
  • Bartender pour counts
  • Kitchen ticket times
  • Prep cook production
  • Food temperatures


Employee performance monitoring tools will let you know who your restaurant’s best performers are, as well as the employees that need a little more training to take their service games to the next level.

No More Paper Scheduling

What is the biggest hassle you face? If you answered, “Having to deal with scheduling requests,” then you are like many other restaurant managers. By installing scheduling software, you can eliminate handwritten schedule requests and shift change notices. Your employees access the scheduling software from home, and they submit every request that was previously handwritten via electronic messages. You can also save time by uploading each week’s schedule online.

Yes, you can still hang the weekly schedule by the time clock. However, electronic schedules are the best way to push employee management to the next level.

Convenient Employee Access Tools

Onboarding a new employee used to require setting aside a couple of hours to complete all of the paperwork required by state and federal laws. Software designed to make onboarding easier allows your new team members to submit their tax and employment eligibility forms from a remote electronic device. Employees also can sign up for insurance and other employee benefit programs by using employee access software. Software that grants employees access to human resources information also improves the accuracy of the information by placing the responsibility for accuracy on your team.

The key to productivity is to maximize the time you have to run your restaurant. By using software to push employee management to the next level, you have more time to do what matters the most: Interact with your guests.

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