PayFacto partners with Tremblant’s 24h

Montreal, December 1, 2020 – Once again, this year, PayFacto is proud to partner with Tremblant’s 24h, an annual event that helps raise funds for sick and underprivileged children. Tremblant’s 24h’s mission is to financially support 3 major foundations: the Fondation Charles-Bruneau, the CHEO Foundation and the Fondation Tremblant, to fund children’s medical and social needs and allow them to lead healthy and happy lives. This year’s latest events have further exacerbated the issues of these causes, and it’s now more than ever crucial we show our support to an organization like Tremblant’s 24h.

The event usually involves teams of 6 to 12 participants taking part in skiing, walking and running challenges in Tremblant for 24 hours while raise funds. However, following the evolution of the pandemic, the 20th edition of Tremblant’s 24h will exceptionally be held remotely this year. Teams of 2 to 12 participants will participate virtually by practicing the sporting activity of their choice remotely and at their own pace.

As a proud partner, PayFacto’s contribution is not only monetary, but also technological. For the past year, PayFacto has been the official provider of payment solutions for the event and continues to cover service charges of each transaction made on Tremblant’s 24h donation platform. This partnership helps thousands of participants donate in the fastest and most secure way possible, while ensuring that every dollar of each donation is strictly funding the cause. As a participant in the event, PayFacto also played a major role last year and the year prior with the Escouade PayFacto, a joyful squad with payment terminals walking around looking for donations during the event. Obviously, this year’s event will be quite different, since social distancing rules have prohibited the customary physical activities of the event, as well as has challenged the fundraising logistics. But we’re committed to finding innovative technological solutions to any payment issues Tremblant’s 24h might have, and to make this year’s event feel as normal as possible.

As many events, with Tremblant’s 24h had to reinvent itself because of the pandemic and has gone fully virtual, but fear not, it will still be the event you know and love. Participants will complete the challenge at home, or in their neighborhood, and track their progress with their team to get to the traditional 24-hour mark. If you’d like to participate or form a team, please follow the link here.