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PayFacto Launches the First full POS and Payment Solution on a Single Handheld Device in Canada

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MONTREAL, October 6, 2020 – PayFacto Payments Inc. (“PayFacto”), a leading payment and hospitality industry technology provider, expands its market leadership position with the launch of its newest product, a full-function mobile point-of-sale (POS) and payment solution on a single handheld device, the first of its kind in Canada. This latest innovation, called VelPAY is part of PayFacto’s strategy to become the top provider of payment and technology solutions for hospitality merchants around the world.

“We understand that restaurants are looking for solutions to increase speed and efficiency to improve the customer experience.  VelPAY allows servers to never have to go back to their POS.  Whether it’s taking an order or taking the payment, servers can do it with one handheld device right at the table,” said David Lafleur, Vice President of Sales for Canada. “As I meet with restaurant owners across Canada, they share their challenges with me, and we are committed to innovating to meet those challenges.  With the VelPay, managers and owners can manage all the functions of the restaurant, even changing menu items, or adding an employee, right from a handheld device, that’s a first in Canada.”

Following its recent acquisition of Maitre’D and Veloce, PayFacto integrated these two leading POS systems with PayFacto’s payment processing. With the new VelPAY solution, restaurants and bars are now able to simplify their activities, speed processes and reduce costs, through the ability to send orders directly to the kitchen and take payments at the table, without compromising any POS functionality.  PayFacto is committed to listening to merchants’ needs, developing state-of-the-art POS and payment solutions, and being the best payment and technology partner for the hospitality industry.  VelPAY is the most recent example of this commitment.

“We know it has been a very difficult last few months for the hospitality industry, and we have done our best to support the industry during this time, staying open during the pandemic to provide support to our customers and offering free modules for online ordering, delivery and curbside pickup and other financial assistance.  I think the best support we can give to the industry though is innovation, innovation that makes restaurant owners lives easier and more efficient,” said Martin Leroux, CEO and President of PayFacto. “I am particularly proud of VelPAY as it is our first innovation that brings together the POS and payments parts of our business, a testament to the integration of our payments and POS businesses, and a key element of our growth  strategy.”

PayFacto has 50,000 merchants operating on its payment processing and hospitality solutions, and VelPAY has now been successfully installed on over 1,000 devices in over 250 restaurants and bars across Canada.  PayFacto will be introducing the VelPAY  all-in-one POS and payment solution to the US market in the coming weeks, and then will be pioneering POS and payments on a single handheld device in Europe later this year as part of PayFacto’s international growth strategy.

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