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Three companies, one name: PayFacto



MONTREAL, October 29, 2018 – Today marks the official unveiling of the brand identity of a new leader in payment solutions on an international scale: PayFacto.


PayFacto was created from the union of B2Billing, CT-Payment and Supreme Payments, three proudly Canadian firms known worldwide for their excellence and expertise. Building on the complementary strengths of each entity, PayFacto now offers its clients unique, customized expertise for the deployment of credit and debit card payment solutions.


The new company distinguishes itself by the extent of its expertise, which combines technological development and integration of tailored payment solutions with a menu of merchant services that offer seamless access to the Visa, Mastercard, Amex, JCB, Discover and Interac networks throughout North America and Asia-Pacific.


“The PayFacto pledge is founded on expertise, agility and execution, ensuring services, flexibility and experience that adapt to the needs of businesses of all sizes and types,” said Martin Leroux, president and CEO of PayFacto. “Whether we’re talking about conventional or e-commerce, gateway connectivity or the integration of complex payment platforms, PayFacto is now a trusted partner for personalized, efficient national and international solutions.”


The merger of the three firms under the PayFacto banner has already led to some major commercial agreements, and will better support our existing agreements with long-standing partners like TELUS Health and Payment Solutions in the processing and clearing of credit card transactions. “We’ve worked closely with the PayFacto team for nearly a decade and look forward to renewing our partnership under its new brand,” said Keith Nugara, vice-president, TELUS Health and Payment Solutions. “Through this collaboration, our customers will continue to benefit from our respective strengths including strategic and targeted payment solutions that enable electronic payment, digital data collection and more efficient analytics.”


In a constantly evolving global landscape, innovation, efficiency and 360o custom solutions are key for businesses that want to stand out from the pack. This three-way merger now boasts the financial capitalization and human resources that will drive innovation and enable PayFacto to efficiently meet the demands of ever-growing target markets.


“PayFacto is more than the sum of three strong industry players joining forces,” added M. Leroux. “Our team is firmly committed to offering flexible, creative and tailored payment solutions that give our clients the most optimal means to meet their objectives. The best is yet to come!”


About PayFacto

PayFacto, a leader in the field of payment solutions, is established in Canada, the United States and the Asia-Pacific region. Recognized for its expertise, agility, and quality execution, PayFacto meet the operational needs of small and large clients on a national and international scale by enabling them to meet their business objectives more efficiently and affordably. Boasting a vast range of services and recognized payment solutions, PayFacto helps companies and organizations take control of their electronic transactions. For more information, visit

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