Merchant Services

Credit and Debit
POS Terminals



We offer a wide variety of best-in-class credit and debit payment terminals for which we can build custom proprietary payment applications for the ultimate in flexibility and customization.


We are more than a supplier. We are a dynamic and effective processing partner.


Our in-house payment software development and terminal certification team is dedicated to helping you build and integrate complex payment-processing features rapidly and affordably.


Whether you are looking for a stand-alone, ECR or mobile payment terminal, we can provide you with tailored solutions.


Discover our tailored solutions and learn how you could benefit from our highly competitive pricing and comprehensive leasing programs that reduce capital expenditures related to equipment procurement.

Online Payment




PayFacto’s ePayment gateway is a fully secure electronic payment platform. Offering you an array of flexible options, we set the integration pace, supporting Redirection, Full Integration, and Virtual Terminal platforms.

Hosted Payment Page

Redirect your customers’ checkouts to PayFacto’s hosted payment page and benefit immediately on all fronts:

  • Reduce your PCI compliance requirements and clear the hurdles with a simple and quick integration payment page process
  • Remove the liability associated with the capture of confidential credit card information
  • Have credit card info pass directly through our servers
  • Implement easy recurring payment processes

Integrated Payment Gateway

Add payment functionality to your current website by integrating PayFacto’s web service and instantly optimize transactions.

  • Process your customer payments on your platform, the way you want, then have them routed to us for processing (includes Interac, Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover credit card transactions)
  • Optionally, process credit card transactions on your own website:
    • Allows you to keep customers on your website
    • Enables you to perform sales and related transactions, such as pre-authorizations, refunds, voids and recurring billing
  • Invite Independent Sales Organizations to use our interface for your payment gateway:
    • We provide all necessary documentation for developers and complete assistance throughout the integration process

Transactions are transmitted via HTTPS-POST and can be programmed in Java, PHP, .NET, as well as other languages

Recurring Billing: For a Hosted Webpage or Integrated Gateway

The PayFacto processing API can also be used with our additional features to reduce mandatory PCI compliance and associated issues. By using tokenization, your payment environment will significantly reduce fraud risks. Your client’s initial transaction is captured on our hosted payment page; the credit card information never enters your online environment or website storage. The token (or card number facsimile) is subsequently used through the API for additional payments.

Tokenization Boosts Security

Tokenization allows for subscription payments without storing credit card information “as is.” The token is used to extract payments, thus maximizing security. You are free to:

  • Process static payments or variable amounts
  • Create and set whatever recurring cycle fits your needs

Risk Management



Our team of experts can help you implement fraud and risk management processes that will ensure the sustainability of your account in some of the most complex payment-processing environments. Thanks to our extensive expertise and our guidance in the use of best practices in service delivery and transaction monitoring, we can help you reduce fraud and charge backs while increasing sales.

Merchant Rating
and Customer Satisfaction



We understand the importance of customer insight to maintain and improve client satisfaction and loyalty. To this end, we have partnered with industry expert TruRating to implement built-in customer rating tools in our payment terminals.


Discover how you could benefit from instant customer insight via our partnership with TruRating technologies.